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The fire

In summer 2017 we started to offer Tantra massages and Tantra love rituals. At first with a small team of two Tantrikas. In the meantime we have grown considerably and can offer something for almost every taste.

For us, Tantra does not mean sticking to a fixed and strictly prescribed sequence of events. Our Tantra is also not saturated with ideologies or other esoteric ideas. It is more the free and tender contemplation of eroticism and the sexual act.

Completely contrary to social constraints and imposed rules, we live and support the social and physical closeness. To enjoy the mental and physical pleasure without negative components - that is our goal. Thus we strengthen our defenses against the emerging moralism of this time.

We arrange appointments with independent and self-employed persons. These work in their own name and on their own account. They are independent in their work and the economic risk themselves. They have a company (sole proprietorship, AG, GmbH, etc.) with its own infrastructure, issue invoices in their own name, bear the collection risk and pay the VAT. They decide themselves on their organisation, their working methods and the delegation of work to third parties. They work for several clients

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